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What is the term for protective clothing?

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What is the term for protective clothing?

What is the term for protective clothing?

What is the term for protective clothing?

1. protective clothing

Protective clothing against physical, chemical, biological and other external factors.

What is the term for protective clothing?

1.1 Permeable protective clothing

With protective performance and breathable, heat dissipation, etc

1.2 Insulated chemical Suit

Protective clothing with the function of isolation from the environment. Most are hoods, gloves and boots, usually equipped with respiratory protection.

2. Chemical protective clothing

What is the term for protective clothing?

Protective clothing with anti-virus properties.

3. Acid resistant clothing

Overalls with anti-acid properties.

4. Alkali resistant clothing

Work clothes with anti-alkaline properties.

5. Oil resistant clothing

Overalls with oil proof properties.

6. Water-proof clothing

Work clothes with waterproof properties. There are gum work clothes, raincoat and aquatic clothing and other varieties.

Radiation protective coverall

Work clothes with radioactivity proof properties. They are usually used with gas masks.

8. The insulated cold wear is insulated

Work clothes with thermal properties. There are common cold clothing and electric clothing and other varieties.

9. Thermal protective clothing

Protective overalls for high temperature, high heat and high humidity. There are heat exchange cooling clothing, aluminum cloth insulation clothing and other varieties.

Equipotential live clothing for line work

Repair the electrical shielding suit with resistance less than 10 ω. Be sure to wear a matching hat, gloves and socks.

11. Antistatic clothing

Work clothes that can eliminate the harm of static electricity accumulation in time.

11.1 Clean clothing Cleanness Clothing

For ultra clean place, can prevent static electricity accumulation, block body debris exposed, wear resistant work clothes.

12. Shock absorption armor

A vest designed to protect the body from blows.

13. Collision shell for spine

Suitable for mines and tunnels and other operations, can defend the object hit back and waist back armor.

14. Flame retardant protective clothing

Protective clothing designed to prevent ignition, flame combustion and smouldering after contact with flames and hot objects.

A: Space suit

In space or atmospheric pressure is very low place to wear, with isolation of high heat (cold), prevent cosmological ray damage and other functions of isolation clothing.

General protective wear(overalls)

Overalls for protection against common injuries and dirt



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